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By Christine Stark, Rebecca Whisnant

Together with the most recent study on prostitution and pornography, this essay anthology indicates how the intercourse industries damage these inside them whereas undermining the chances for gender justice, human equality, and reliable sexual relationships. From intercourse industries survivors to social activists and theorists akin to Taylor Lee, Adriene Sere, and Kristen Anderberg, this quantity asses from a feminist viewpoint the racism, poverty, militarism, and company capitalism of promoting intercourse via strip golf equipment, brothels, mail-order brides, and baby pornography.

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Blow bangs Blow Bang #4 is a videotape made and sold in America. It is a videotape that American men watch and masturbate to. It consists of eight different scenes in which a woman kneels in the middle of a group of three to eight men and performs oral sex on them. At the end of each scene, each of the men ejaculates onto the woman’s face or into her mouth. ’ In one of these scenes, a young woman dressed as a cheerleader is surrounded by six men. ’ 28 Robert Jensen 29 For another minute and a half, she sits upside down on a couch, her head hanging over the edge, while men thrust into her mouth, causing her to gag.

What has been done to her? How did it get like that? How does she feel about having this damaged, mutilated, Rebecca Whisnant 19 ravaged bit of her anatomy displayed for men to jerk off on, about, into? We don’t know—her face is hidden, gone, not relevant, not part of the picture. Her pain and humiliation, the damage already done to her, is front and center. A bulls-eye—here’s where to hit, here’s where to push. It doesn’t matter— she’s already broken. Her physical integrity is gone, the boundary of her body completely demolished.

Rather it exists because men, as a class, demand that there be a sub-class of women (and children, and men, and transgender people— but mostly women) who are available for their unconditional sexual service. It’s bad to deceive, coerce, or force women (or men) into pornography. It’s also bad to harm, objectify, and use up women (or men) who are not being deceived or coerced. And it’s bad to use women (or anyone) in an industry that harms other women and that contributes to keeping women as a class subordinate to men—even if the particular woman being used is as free and fulfilled in her pornography career as anyone could possibly desire to be.

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