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He’d be making hats out of files and standing on the desk,” she added with a laugh. His eyebrows arched. Cammy had said that Jon had been singularly mischievous as a young boy. Joceline glanced at him. “They think he may have attention deficit disorder,” she said. ” “What? ” he exclaimed. She shifted. “He’s in preschool,” she said. ” he asked, with real interest. She looked up, her blue eyes troubled. “I don’t know,” she said hesitantly. “It’s a hard issue to deal with. ” He drew in a long breath.

She didn’t come in this morning,” Jon said, and the worry he felt was reflected in his tone. “Didn’t call, either. ” “Yes. ” “Curious. ” Jon laughed in spite of himself. ” “Sorry. ” “Join the club. ” “I know, but we’ve both had the tirade from Cammy about her new candidate for your affections. She’ll be on a roll and we don’t want to spoil a perfect dinner with a lot of argument. ” Jon chuckled. ” “Then you can expect us. Winnie will bring homemade rolls. I didn’t ask. ” “I’m amazed she can still manage to bend over the oven with her belly sticking out that far,” Jon remarked.

What if they couldn’t save him…? ” She jumped and gasped at the sound of her boss’s voice behind her. She jerked around, astonished. “It’s not like you,” he explained, “not to call, if you can’t make it to work. ” She bit her lower lip. “It’s Markie,” she said on a long breath. “A bad attack. ” She folded her arms over her small breasts. ” At least she had medical insurance, good insurance, from her job. But it wouldn’t cover all of the expense, and she didn’t know how she’d add another monthly payment to the bills she already had.

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