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C++, even though a wonderful language, is not excellent. Matthew Wilson has been operating with it for over a decade, and through that point he has came across inherent obstacles that require skillful workarounds. during this publication, he does not simply let you know what is wrong with C++, yet bargains useful suggestions and instruments for writing code that is extra strong, versatile, effective, and maintainable. He exhibits you ways to tame C++'s complexity, reduce via its significant array of paradigms, take again regulate over your code - and get much better results.If you are a long-time C++ developer, this ebook may also help you spot your programming demanding situations in new methods - and light up strong strategies you could by no means have attempted. in case you are more recent to C++, you will study rules that may make you better in all your initiatives.

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One option would be to declare monitor objects, which take references to the out parameters and return value. int f(char const *name, Value **ppVal, size_t *pLen) { int retVal; retval_monitor rvm(retVal, . . policy . . ); outparam_monitor opm1(ppVal, . . policy . . ); outparam_monitor opm2(pLen, . . policy . . ); . . // The body of the function return retVal; } 46 Part One: Fundamentals Part One: Fundamentals 47 The policies would check whether the variable is NULL, or non-NULL, or is within a certain range, or one of a set of values, and so on.

M_size)); Now we get a much richer failure information. And since the string is part of the expression, it is elided in release builds. All that extra information is free. 2. Inappropriate Assertions Assertions are useful for debug-build invariant checking. As long as you remember that, you won't go far wrong. Alas, all too often we see the use of assertions in runtime error checking. = s_copy); return strcpy(s_copy, s); } You might think that no one would do such a thing. If so, you might want to get busy with grep inside some of your favorite libraries, wherein you'll find such checks against memory, file handling, and other runtime errors.

It's better to have your customer catch a bug (in a reasonably sophisticated/graceful manner) than to have no customers. This is all pretty obvious stuff, although customers would probably disagree with the last one; best keep that one to ourselves. There are two ways in which such enforcements can take effect: at compile time and at run time, and these form the substance of this chapter. 2. Compile-Time Contracts: Constraints This section is devoted to compile-time enforcements, commonly called constraints.

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