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By Bernie Peyton

ASIN: 2844240860
35 реалистичных моделей из природы, которые отражают знания автора как биолога дикой природы.
Модели охватывают four сферы: арктическое, Тихоокеанское побережье, пустыню и тропический лес.
А именно: морж, белый медведь, буревестник, лисица, совы, кактус, лягушки и мн.др
35 life like versions of matters from nature that replicate the author’s education as a flora and fauna biologist.
Models hide four biomes: Arctic, Pacific Coast, wasteland, and Tropical woodland.
Subjects contain walrus, polar endure, puffins, fox, owlets, cactus, red-eyed frog and eyelash pit viper, between others.
Models require a few shaping and judgement folds, however the diagrams and textual content descriptions are very specified and the fantastic versions exhibit nice character whereas averting non-essential creases.

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Appear to distinguish the freshwater creatures from those in the marine scene. , the relief on the southeast wall of a prominent courtroom in the palace shows an aquatic scene emphasizing the transport of timber; the sculpture may have originally measured 3 m high by 14 m wide. Interpreted as a seascape of the Mediterranean coast, it seems to have been an important geopolitical statement about Assyria’s domination over trade routes and states along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean (Albenda, 1983).

Although the textual evidence is speculative and not supported unequivocally by the archeological data, the numbers of both eggs and turtles reported in the ancient texts — sometimes in the thousands — need to be considered in the light of biological understanding. The only turtles in the Arabian area that are known to occur, and nest, in densities adequate to make the collection and transportation of thousands of animals or their eggs an economically viable venture are marine turtles. Hence, several lines of evidence indicate that the ancient Mesopotamian texts refer to an organized trade in marine turtles; the evidence for tortoiseshell, however, is less apparent.

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