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By Peter Lamborn WIlson

While Peter Lamborn Wilson despatched us the pile of paper that at last grew to become this booklet (and the non secular sequence) lets now not were extra overjoyed. Peter has been a writing laptop for many years and it'd be effortless to overlook out at the type of writing that he likes top. Punchy, idiosyncratic manifestos (of a sort). This number of Peter's Anarchist Ephemera is full of center and astute observations.

All plans for "saving the area" eventually relaxation at the assumption that humanity needs to endure a transformation of center. the ambiguity this is that if this alteration have been to take place, no plans will be had to lead to a "different world." The swap of center, different cognizance, will be in itself the very shift in course, the Reversion to human and religious values required for "salvation." break the machinic brain and there'd be no use to spoil the particular machines.

LBC Books is an anarchist press owned and run by means of Aragorn Moser. it's the mum or dad label for merciless Hospice, Ardent Press, Repartee, Pistols Drawn, and eco-friendly Anarchist Press.

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Dia n e d i Prima R evo l ut i o n a ry Lett e r s S a n F ra n c i s c o : L a st G a s p, 2 0 0 7 Diane di Prima, America's (and probably the world's) leading anarcho-Hermetic poet, has issued a new edition (the fifth) of her famous Revolutionary Letters, containing all of the poems from the City Lights versions from 1 9 7 1 through 1 980, plus twentythree new and more recent pieces. This new edition emanates-rather oddly but not inappropriately-from Last Gasp, a publisher mostly known for underground comics.

Was he playing or was he serious? Exactly. In later years, when he cut down on his grueling dada vaudeville speaking tours and retired to California, we lost touch because Bob decided to colonize the Internet and I decided not to. Our mutual friend Eddie Nix kept us linked with warm greetings back and forth. Eddie sent me print-outs of Bob's most recent web-page, the Guns & Dope Party ("because that way we have a majority")-one of his best stunts or japes. " In his best writing, the Illuminatus!

Back when there were mimeograph machines, Diane wrote that the best thing to do with one would be to drop it off a five story building on a cop 's head. Some of these poems still have that kind of impact: almost a poem as bomb. But more than that (or parallel to it) , they also chronicle the political heart of a great poet whose alchemical recipes for revolution attain the timelessness of a Whitman or Ginsberg: the political as personal.

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