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By Elisabeth A. Doherty

Crochet isn't just approximately ponchos and scarves anymore: it’s approximately amigurumi, a hip new craft pattern! those Japanese-inspired dolls have stimulated crocheters in all places to snatch their hooks and create collections of irresistibly funky-cute creatures. Elisabeth Doherty, one in every of today’s most popular amigurumi designers, is right here to teach readers how they, too, can get in at the enjoyable. She explains easy and complex stitches; exhibits the way to make the critters’ types by way of crocheting within the around; offers suggestion on yarns and stuffing; and provides pointers on embroidering facial expression and elaborations. commence with a simple cupcake, circulate directly to a palm-sized mouse, and paintings as much as the tougher and astounding tasks, like a punk rock bunny or a beatnik kitty—complete with black turtleneck, beret, and goatee.

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