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By Galloway, Brennan; Galloway, Jeff

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Photos by Kevin Hall and Rebecca Coolidge Run along the sea coast through areas where there are regular animal sightings. This scenic course has lakes, streams, and forests, and you can walk to and from the start by staying at several nearby hotels. There’s an early start (one hour), and the traditional start time is a very civilized 9 am. The route runs briefly through downtown Anchorage and near the point where the streets parted and buildings slid down the hillside during the 1964 earthquake.

Watch for trail hazards constantly and walk through them. 10. Don’t overstride! Uphill Running Form •• Start with a comfortable stride—a shorter stride than you would use on flat terrain. •• As you go up the hill, shorten the stride further. •• Touch lightly with your feet. •• Maintain a body posture that is perpendicular to the horizontal (upright, not leaning forward or back). •• Pick up the turnover of your feet as you go up and over the top. •• Keep adjusting your stride so that the leg muscles don’t tighten up—you want them as resilient as possible as you adapt to the debris.

There is no rule that requires you to hold to any ratio on a given day. As you adjust the run-walk-run to how you feel, you gain control over your fatigue. Adjust walk break amounts and frequency on trails. Because of terrain and moisture issues, trail runners must be ready to take more frequent walk breaks to gain control over balance. By slowing down and walking at the first sign of debris ahead, you can assess the situation, adjust stride, and maintain control. The best way to deal with weak ankles, feet, and knees is to prevent problems by walking before you step on something that turns your feet.

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