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By Andrei Codrescu

The editors of this anthology requested a couple of hundred American poets from divergent backgrounds and literary traditions the subsequent query: How could you are saying so long to the 20 th century? Writers either new and demonstrated are represented the following, together with Paul Auster, Charles Bukowski, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Maxine Kumin, Carolyn Kizer, Charles Simic, David Trinidad, and Anne Waldman.

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Promiscuity Avocationalpropaganda Awareprosperity Awkwardnesslistens hard Page 24 Antler American History in Context 500,000 years ago sleepy chipmunks snuggled in their burrows. 400,000 years ago doe nibbled ladyslipper. 300,000 years ago dust on tiger swallowtail wing. 200,200 years ago whirligig beetle whirligigged. 100,000 years ago blue heron still as a statue. 50,000 years ago male seahorse belly-pouch swollen with herd of perfectly shaped baby seahorses. 25,000 years ago leopard frog on lilypad.

Read real estate terminology to Mozart. Laughed at my face in someone else's mirror. Listened to history evaporate inside a mirage. Remembered skeletons and Buddhas side by side, Thai monastery. Picked mums, stole tulips from senior citizens' home. Saw who was meant for me. Recognized the curve of her spine underwater. Heard bells, heard the striker empty its sound. Dreamed that once beckoned I could not be refused. Heard the blood of my love drumming, heard a gallop. Saw the children running up.

The rise of the sun is really not a slow thing, she discovered, and she didn't take her eyes off it until it had gotten all the way up and what a dazzle it was: she could even feel it under her skin. And after she'd marveled, she got back in her car, and again as she drove no red lights stopped her, and soon she was home, with every room filled with sunlight and forever, and she drank some hot coffee and ate a cheese Danish (and liked how they tasted) and, checking the clock, she saw with surprise her whole trip had taken almost no time at all, Page 17 but it was so rich, it gave her so much, and she was ready now to wonder about the rest of this day: what it would bring her, what it would ask.

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