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By Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

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If you didn’t want to leave fingerprints, most people would wear gloves—or otherwise, wipe down anything they touched. But this guy... apparently he wiped clean every fingerprint in the house. At all three scenes. At first I wondered if he’d been to the victim’s house so many times he had no idea what he’d touched and what he hadn’t, but once I read that he had unscrewed the light bulbs and wiped the sockets, it became a completely different story. ” Did he, now? “So, L, back to what I was saying earlier, if he’s taken such extreme precautions, then I doubt I’m going to be able to find anything new here.

What do you think, Misora? When you came in, did you think of anything? ” “Well... ” There had been one thing the cuts on the victim’s chest. She wasn’t at all sure she should tell Ryuzaki about those. But it was also true that she was getting nowhere otherwise... either with the case, or with Ryuzaki. Possibly she should test him, just as he had observed her reaction when he handed her the crossword puzzle. If she played her cards right, she might figure out if he’d heard her phone call from under the bed.

Some time has passed, so it’s possible something floated to the surface. Naomi Misora, the first thing we iced to think about in this case is the connection between the victims. What links Believe Bridesmaid, Quarter Queen, and the new victim, Backyard Bottomslash? Or is there no connection, and these murders are completely random? But even if they are random, there must be some logic by which the killer selects his victims. ” She didn’t really, hut she had begun to understand that arguing with L would not make him stop being evasive and tell her what she actually wanted to know, so she decided to not ask many questions.

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