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The partial differential equation is integrated over the control volume with the aid of Φ and the rates of generation/destruction of the entity Φ within the cell and its transport by convection and diffusion across the cell boundaries. 70) when Pew is large Here the subscripts P and W refer to the central and west nodes, respectively, and w denotes the intervening cell boundary. 70) at cells adjoining the boundaries of the solution domain to account for the conditions imposed there. 77) and similarly for all velocities components.

Similarly, data must be submitted showing the sound power level for all eight octave bands that will be achieved when tested. The fan curves shall clearly show the duty point and absorbed power to ensure stable operating conditions and a minimum margin of 20% between absorbed and motor power. Motors shall be mounted on slide rails for easy belt tensioning, and be totally enclosed and fan cooled with F class insulation. Twin-speed motors shall be made available where specified. Motors shall drive heavy duty V-belts.

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