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By Paul E. Gottfried

Publish 12 months note: First released January 1st 1999

In this trenchant problem to social engineering, Paul Gottfried analyzes a patricide: the slaying of nineteenth-century liberalism via the managerial nation. many of us, in fact, notice that liberalism not connotes dispensed powers and bourgeois ethical criteria, the necessity to guard civil society from an encroaching nation, or the virtues of full of life self-government. Many additionally comprehend that today's "liberals" have a ways assorted ambitions from these in their predecessors, aiming as they do mostly to strive against prejudice, to supply social providers and welfare merits, and to safeguard expressive and "lifestyle" freedoms. Paul Gottfried does greater than learn those old proof, in spite of the fact that. He builds on them to teach why it issues that the managerial kingdom has changed conventional liberalism: the recent regimes of social engineers, he continues, are elitists, and their rule is consensual purely within the feel that it truly is unopposed through any frequent prepared opposition.

Throughout the western global, more and more uprooted populations unthinkingly settle for centralized controls in alternate for quite a few entitlements. of their scary passivity, Gottfried locates the predicament for traditionalist and populist adversaries of the welfare country. How can rivals of administrative elites express the general public that those that supply, although ineptly, for his or her fabric wishes are the enemies of democratic self-rule and of self sustaining selection making in family members existence? If we don't get up, Gottfried warns, the political debate may perhaps quickly be over, regardless of sporadic and ideologically burdened populist rumblings in either Europe and the USA.

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A. It's not my job to approve or disapprove. " And, curiously enough, the Federal Reserve System has never been audited and has firmly resisted all attempts by House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman to have it audited. (N. Y. Times, Sept. ) How successful has the Federal Reserve System been? It depends on your point of view. Since Woodrow Wilson took his oath of office, the national debt has risen from $1 billion to $455 billion. The total amount of interest paid since then to the international bankers holding that debt is staggering, with interest having become the third largest item in the federal budget.

Elections were to become mere charades conducted for the bedazzlement of the booboisie. The idea was to use both the Democrat and Republican parties as instruments to promote World Government. In 1919 House met in Paris with members of a British "secret society" called The Round Table in order to form an organization whose job it would be to propagandize the citizens of America, England and Western Europe on the glories of World Government. " The part about the Insiders establishing a world dictatorship quite naturally was left out.

We do know this, however. A clique of American financiers not only helped establish Communism in Russia, but has striven mightily ever since to keep it alive. Ever since 1918 this clique has been engaged in transferring money and, probably more important, technical information, to the Soviet Union. This is made abundantly clear in the three volume history Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development by scholar Antony Sutton of Stanford University's Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

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