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62) The subscript z on ψx,z indicates a possible dependence on the choice of z on the surface of V. Figure 2 illustrates the setup for two points y, u in V. This result shows that the wave packet representation is independent of x, such as an observers location, provided it is outside of V. However, to the extent that A cannot be neglected, the representation does depend on the location of z. To see what this dependence is, let w be another point on the surface of V. Then, following Eq. 62, ψx,w is given by ψx,w ∼ = Ux,w ψw = Ux,w w,V ry,w ψ (y)w | yw w dyw = x,V (ry,w ) x ψ (y) x | y x x dy x .

Primas, 1983). 20 Advances in Quantum Theory As far as an observer of the process is concerned, he may decide that for all practical purposes the appearance of a factum can be acknowledged. In view of the cosmological conditions, dispelling any expectations that the information will come back, one does not have to assume that the creation of a factum depends on the perception of the observer. On the other hand, there may be still a role for the observer, namely, to assure the end of the limiting process.

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