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By A. Badal`, R. Barbera, A. Bonasera, M. Gulino, A. Palmeri (auth.), Wolfgang Bauer, Hans-Georg Ritter (eds.)

This quantity is the complaints of the 14th wintry weather Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, held in 1998. The e-book covers a wide range in power of nuclear collision with distinct emphasis on nuclear multifragmentation and nuclear collisions at AGS and CERN energies. Many specialists within the box have made first-class contributions.

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Edu;-bauer / 25 2. Compare the experimental results of nucleus-nucleus collisions to those from nucleon-nucleus and nucleon-nucleon collisions at equivalent energies, appropriately scaled. The last decade has taught us that neither mode of operation is free from danger, however (see, for example, the long-lasting confusion regarding the transverse-energy "puzzle" 2). 3 The proton-induced reactions (p+Be and p+Au at 450 GeV) are consistent with predictions from primary particle production and subsequent radiative and/or Dalitz decays, suggesting that the e+ c- yields are fairly well understood.

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