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Then it is natural to search for the Higgs mechanism of inflation by identifying inflaton with Higgs. Our motivation here is different: we assume that there is the new physics beyond the Standard Model, and it is given by supersymmetry. Then it is quite natural to search for most economical mechanisms F() Supergravity and Early Universe: the Meeting Point F (R) Supergravity and Early Universe: the Meeting Point of Cosmology and High-Energy Physicsof Cosmology and High-Energy Physics 27 25 of inflation in the context of supergravity.

As regards the (−)-case, there are two possibilities depending upon the sign of f 1 . Should f 1 be positive, all the remaining stability conditions are automatically satisfied, ie. in the case of both (−) f2 (−) > 0 and f 1 > 0. F() Supergravity and Early Universe: the Meeting Point F (R) Supergravity and Early Universe: the Meeting Point of Cosmology and High-Energy Physicsof Cosmology and High-Energy Physics 21 19 (−) Should f 1 be negative, f 1 < 0, we find that the remaining stability conditions (100) and (102) are the same, as they should, while they are both given by 192 f 12 3 · 5 f 12 f = − − 32 0 ≡ Rins max f2 23 · 11 f 22 23 · 11 f 22 R < Rmax − (104) As regards the (+)-case, eq.

36 Advances in Modern Cosmology Will-be-set-by-IN-TECH 34 16. J. V. Ketov, Phys. Lett. V. Ketov, Class. and Quantum Grav. J. V. Ketov and N. Yunes, Phys. Rev. V. Ketov, AIP Conf. Proc. V. Ketov, Phys. Lett. B692 (2010) 272 S. V. Ketov and N. Watanabe, Mod. Phys. Lett. A25 (2010) 2753 S. V. Ketov and N. Watanabe, Class. and Quantum Grav. V. Ketov and N. V. A. Starobinsky, Phys. Rev. V. A. H. Rev. D. R. H. Lyth, Cosmological Inflation and Large-scale Structure, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000 E.

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