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Friedman, N. and Rasmussen, H. (1 970). Calcium, manganese and hepatic gluconeogenesis. Biochim. biophys. A c t a 222,41-52. , Somlyo, A. V. and Somlyo, A. P. (1971). Cyclic adenosine and guanosine monophosphates and glucagon: effect on liver membrane potentials. Science 17 1, 400-402. , Seydoux, J. and Clausen, T. (1968). Membrane potential of brown adipose tissue. J. gen. Physiol. 52, 925-940. Goldberg, A. L. and Singer, J. J. (1969). Evidence for the role of cyclic AMP in neuromuscular transmission.

10). Flux studies with radiocalcium show that 5-HT, but not cyclic AMP, stimulates 45Ca influx into isolated salivary glands (Prince et a l , 1972). The efflux of 45Ca from prelabelled cells, however, was stimulated by both 5-HT and cyclic AMP. The ability of both agents to influence calcium efflux points to a complicated feedback 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Minutes Fig. 10. The effect of l o - * M 5-HT(0-0) and lo-’ M cyclic AMP (0- - - 0 ) applied at the first arrow,on the rate of fluid secretion in the absence of calcium.

BERRIDGE AND W. T. PRINCE diester linkage in contrast to the bond in cyclic AMP which is very strained (Drummond and Powell, 1970). Activity is also lost if the double bond oxygen is replaced with the much bulkier sulphur atom (XIV). The latter compound is of particular interest because it is the only nucleotide tested which appeared to compete with cyclic AMP. There have been few reports of cyclic AMP competitors. Kulka Adenine Adenjne Adenine and Sternlicht (1 968) have shown that adenosine 3'-monophosphate may inhibit the ability of cyclic AMP to stimulate enzyme secretion in mouse pancreas.

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