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By Erich R. Merz (auth.), Erich R. Merz, Carl E. Walter (eds.)

A survey of contemporary advancements within the box of plutonium disposal through the applying of complex nuclear structures, either severe and subcritical. present nationwide R&D plans are summarized. The actinide-fuelled severe reactors are linked to keep an eye on difficulties, in view that they generally tend to have a small not on time neutron fraction coupled with a small Doppler impression and a favorable void coefficient. present considering is popping to accelerator-driven subcritical platforms for the transmutation of actinides.
The book's end is that a few of the platforms proposed are technically possible, even supposing no longer but technically mature. The booklet offers a special precis and evaluate of all correct probabilities for burning surplus plutonium, offered through specialists from a number of assorted disciplines and pursuits, together with the defence institution. the most obvious factor - the non-proliferation of nuclear guns - is key, however the topic represents a fancy technological problem that still calls for an review in monetary terms.

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We should design and construct such reactors if this scenario gets enough support. However, again in contrast to Western Europe, we have got the BN -800 fast reactor design which meets all up-to-date safety requirements. At present this is the only design of nuclear reactor in Russia that has passed all required examination stages including ecology examination. Economic issue of the problem should be also mentioned. Plutonium utilization in thermal reactors in Western Europe results from the relative high cost of fast reactors.

As a particular design of an extraordinary burner reactor a so-called U-free core was studied. In order to comply with solubility requirements, nitride fuel was chosen and the necessary Doppler feedback was delivered by using a fairly "dirty" Pu isotopic composition with high fractions of the even isotopes PU240 and PU242 • This version of a burner could be considered as adequate to deal with multi-recycled LWR-Pu and, therefore, possibly as representative for the later or last phase of nuclear energy production.

2. Investigations for Pressurized water reactors. g. France and Germany. Up to about 30% of t he fuel assembli es (FA) in exist ing PWR cores are replaced by MOX instead of UOX assemblies. A main obj ecti ve during t his replacem ent is to maint ain t he safety cha racterist ics of t he PWRs, espec ially t he coolant densit y reacti vity coefficient (CDRC) and t he fuel Doppl er coefficient (DC) . g. in reference 1, it is well known t hat high plu tonium fra ction s in th e MOX fuel of PWRs may lead t o problem s with the CDRC.

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