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By H. Over (auth.), H.P. Bonzel (eds.)

Surface technological know-how is known as a comparatively younger medical self-discipline, excited about the actual and chemical houses of phenomena on fresh and lined strong surfaces, studied less than numerous stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on stable surfaces is, for instance, this sort of situation, attached with kind of drastic adjustments of all floor houses. An adsorption occasion is often saw in nature and located to be of technical value in lots of commercial approaches. therefore, floor technological know-how is interdisciplinary through its very nature, and as such an immense middleman among basic and utilized research.

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One reason might be that the high activation energy for dissociative adsorption of molecular nitrogen prevents easy production of atomic nitrogen adlayers on metal surfaces. The adsorption of atomic nitrogen and that of atomic oxygen is quite similar so that many general trends observed with O adsorption are equally found with atomic nitrogen. The most common methods to deposit atomic nitrogen on transition metal surfaces are: 1) Atomization of N2 using high frequency discharge [77S1], a hot filament [66M1] or an ion gun [82R1].

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