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By Yoan D Landau;M Tomizuka;David M Auslander;International Federation of Automatic Control. Working Group on Adaptive Systems.;University of California, Berkeley. Continuing Education in Engineering.;All authors

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B . Cruz , 1 983. A. V. Kokotovic, "Decen­ tral ized Adapti ve Control i n the Presence of Mul ti parameter Singul ar Perturbations and Bounded Disturbances , " American Con­ trol Conference, San Francisco , CA, June 1 983. S. S. Val avani , "Stabl e Adaptive Control l er Desi gn-Direct Con­ trol , " IEEE Trans. on Autom. Contr. , Vol . AC-23, No. 4 , August 1 978. 25 Copyright © IFAC Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing, San Francisco, USA 1983 MODEL REFERENCE ADAPTIVE CONTROL OF MECHANICAL MANIPULATORS M.

3 . Since the value of a i s not avai lable without further assumptions on a t , guidelines and not a comprehens ive des ign procedure may be developed for LS/PAA Notice that a necessary conditiyn for s ta­ bility is Re {H�-{} > 0 ("" j (H ) - I I < I ) . A similar resul t was ob tained in (Ortega, Landau ; 1 983) for a weighted-type gain re­ cursive equation . The conceptual similari ty � 40 R. Ortega and I . D. Landau of � (eq . 3 . 7 ) , e 3 . 1 3 ) is evident . (eq . 3 . 1 1 ) and cr (eq . A.

Stein , "Robustness of Adaptive Control Al gorithms i n the Presence of Unmodel ed Dynamics ," Proc . 21 st I EEE Conf. on Deci­ s-i on and Contro 1 , Orl ando , FL, Dec. 1 982 . [1 2] G. Kreisselmeier, "On Adaptive State Regu­ l ation ," IEEE Trans . on Autom. Contr. , Vol . AC-27 , February 1 982. [1 3] B. Riedl e, B . V. Kokotovic, "Sta­ bil ization of Adaptive Systems with Para­ sitics and Disturbances ," submitted to the 1 983 Conference on Decision and Control . [14] L. Praly, "MIMO Stochastic Adaptive Con­ trol : Stabil ity and Robustness ," Report , CAI-Ecol e des Mines , 35 rue Sai nt Honor�, 77305 Fon ta i neb1 eau , France, 1 982 .

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