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By D Adamson, Marston Bates

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B) T be . . are too big to pass, wbereas . . c) If the co ncentration of water mol ecules is high on o ne side of a semi-permeable memb rane and low on tbe otber side, tben . . will occur, the molecules passing from the area of . . to the area of . . 4. Look at these examples: A - - --)0 8 A{~::::r~ ;,J B. ) A -- ~ B - -~ c - - ~ D A leads to D. ) B<- - - A Bf~~~:~:j~:~ lA. t ccurs as a result off Now co mplete these sentences. using an appropriate verb : a) A difference in wa ter co ncen tration on either side of the cell wall .

Pulls the co tyledon out of the soil. Unit B Revision I. Read this passage: The common pond snail lives among vegetat ion in pond s and streams. It has one shell. approximately 3 em long. arranged in a spiral of approximately 6 turns. The body is protected by the shell. There are two flexible tentacles projecting from the anterior pa rt of the head . Each of these has a simple eye at the base. The mouth is situated below them . The snail moves by means of its foot which is at the base of the body.

50 the ca terpillar develops to full size. the female lays eggs. the adult butterlly emerges. the adults mate. it moults abou t 6 times. the pupa stage begins. the eggs hatch ou t into caterpillars. . the caterpillar changes into a pupa. the caterpillar attac hes itself to its surroundings by means of silk. Unit 7 Measurement 2 Quantity Section 1 Presentation I. Look and rcad : Kev to shading 6% ~ carbo hydrates ~S> lipids ~ protein f==t.. . water Groundnut Tomato T he com posi tion of two kinds o f food (traces of minerals a nd vita mins are too sma ll to be shown) .

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