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By Alex Zawaira, Gavin Hitchcock

The significance of arithmetic competitions has been widely known for 3 purposes: they assist to increase imaginitive means and considering abilities whose worth a ways transcends arithmetic; they represent the simplest approach of learning and nurturing mathematical expertise; they usually offer a method to wrestle the customary fake picture of arithmetic held by way of highschool scholars, as both a fearsomely tough or a lifeless and uncreative topic. This ebook offers a accomplished education source for competitions from neighborhood and provincial to nationwide Olympiad point, containing 1000's of diagrams, and graced via many light-hearted cartoons. It incorporates a huge number of what mathematicians name "beautiful" difficulties - non-routine, provocative, attention-grabbing, and not easy difficulties, frequently with based suggestions. It positive aspects cautious, systematic exposition of a variety of crucial subject matters encountered in arithmetic competitions, assuming little previous wisdom. Geometry, trigonometry, mathematical induction, inequalities, Diophantine equations, quantity concept, sequences and sequence, the binomial theorem, and combinatorics - are all constructed in a gradual yet energetic demeanour, liberally illustrated with examples, and continually encouraged by way of beautiful "appetiser" difficulties, whose resolution appears to be like after the correct conception has been expounded.
Each bankruptcy is gifted as a "toolchest" of tools designed for cracking the issues accumulated on the finish of the bankruptcy. different themes, akin to algebra, co-ordinate geometry, useful equations and likelihood, are brought and elucidated within the posing and fixing of the big number of miscellaneous difficulties within the ultimate toolchest.
An strange function of this ebook is the eye paid all through to the background of arithmetic - the origins of the tips, the terminology and a few of the issues, and the get together of arithmetic as a multicultural, cooperative human achievement.
As an advantage the aspiring "mathlete" could come upon, within the most pleasurable method attainable, a number of the themes that shape the middle of the traditional university curriculum.

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Example: In the diagram below ABC is a right angled triangle and BD an angle bisector. If AB = 3 cm and the area of triangle ABD is 9 cm2 , what is the length DC? (A) 3 cm (B) 2 cm (C) 6 cm from given information (D) 1 cm (E) Cannot be determined Solution: A x c B D b a Let the area of ABD be A. Then A = C ax 2 , hence a2 x2 = 4A2 . 29 30 Geometry Now, using the angle bisector theorem: AB AD = , BC DC AD2 AB2 = , hence BC 2 DC 2 x2 c2 = , therefore a2 DC 2 2A 2×9 and so DC = = = 6 cm. c 3 Hence (C).

Its construction and uniqueness follow 19 20 Geometry from the following result: (8) The perpendicular bisector of a chord of a circle passes through its centre. O A P B Proof: The line from centre O to midpoint P of chord AB is the perpendicular bisector, because the two triangles AOP and BOP in the figure above ˆ = BPO ˆ = 90◦ . are congruent, since they have equal sides, hence APO The result (8) can be re-expressed thus: the centre of any circle passing through two given points will lie on the perpendicular bisector of the line joining them.

2 × APB. ˆ Hence, in every case, AOB (2) Angles in the same segment of a circle are equal. Q P x2 x1 O B A Proof: Given any points P, Q on the major arc of the circle APQB, join A and B to O, the centre of the circle. With the lettering in the figure above, ˆ = 2x1 (previous result (1)) AOB ˆ = 2x2 (previous result (1)), and AOB therefore x1 = x2 . (3) The angle in a semicircle is a right angle. X A O B Proof: In the figure above, AB is a diameter of the circle, centre O, and X is any point on the circumference of the circle.

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