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By Nick Ritchie

President Obama and the united kingdom Labour and Coalition governments have all sponsored the renewed momentum for critical development in the direction of a global freed from nuclear guns, while the united kingdom reveals itself launched into a arguable and dear programme to resume its Trident nuclear guns approach. What does the united kingdom strategy inform in regards to the customers for disarmament?

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In November 2008 it initiated a yearlong Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) concept study to develop and assess the capabilities required and to undertake preliminary conceptual work ahead of more detailed research and design to begin in 2010. In 2010 the US initiated a Sea Based Strategic Deterrent (SBSD) Advanced Submarine System Development project to design and prepare for construction of the SSBN(X). 64 The US Navy’s Report to Congress on Annual 46 Context Long-Range Plan for Construction of Naval Vessels for FY 2011 stated that ‘Detailed design for the first SSBN(X) begins in FY 2015, and the first boat in the class must be procured no later than FY 2019 to ensure that 12 operational ballistic missile submarines will always be available to perform the vital strategic deterrent mission.

57 Fox was unconcerned. The Conservatives set the parameters for nuclear weapons policy and if fresh scrutiny through a Value for Money Review could reduce the cost of a like-for-like Trident replacement system by a few billion then so much the better. The programme was set to roll forward and was categorically excluded from a re- evaluation in the SDSR process. The outcome of the Value for Money Review was reported in the SDSR though the full review remained 44 Context classified. 2 billion and spending deferments of up to £2 billion over the proceeding 10 years.

The necessity of zero is widely acknowledged even if the path to a nuclear weapons-free world is hotly debated. The renewed momentum behind progress towards nuclear disarmament therefore raises important and difficult questions for the UK as it seeks to justify and move forward with the Trident replacement 32 Context programme whilst remaining a firm supporter of a nuclear weaponsfree world and maintaining a leadership role on nuclear arms reductions and non-proliferation initiatives. This tension was felt perhaps most acutely by Gordon Brown during his brief tenure in No.

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