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For this reason, the “Imax” symbolism will be avoided: Doherty and Chireix (I m )max (I ) p max 37 =IM =IP IP =Γ IM The signal drive range will, as usual, be normalized so that 0 < v in < 1 and the “breakpoint” at which peaking current starts to flow is defined to be vin = vbk , where clearly 0 < vbk < 1. One of the features which will be explored in this section is the possibility of using devices which have a nonlinear characteristic, rather than the “linear-dogleg” assumption which is typically used.

Thus, provided the main device voltage is kept below clipping levels by the action of the peaking device, the linearity of the final assembly is defined entirely by the main device characteristic fm(vin ). 5) showing the possibility of using a suitable peaking device characteristic fp(vin ) to “neutralize” the rapidly rising main device voltage and keep it below clipping level over the entire input signal dynamic range. 2) emerges as a remarkable result; its significance can easily be missed in the typical idealizations used in the analysis of a standard Doherty configuration.

The linearity zone, thus defined, would appear to be a viable and realistic target for device development. 11 has some interesting implications for the future of RF power bipolars. 4. FETs, however, do not fare so well in this analysis. An FET will usually display a closer approximation to a dogleg characteristic; this is a natural outcome of their modus operandi, coupled with some misdirected beliefs on the part of manufacturers as to what constitutes a “good” device characteristic. 10, having linear transconductance with a short turn-on region.

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