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By Owen L. Astrachan

"A computing device technological know-how Tapestry" is designed to be used in a primary path in machine technology (CS1) that makes use of C++ as its programming language. This booklet covers uncomplicated strategies in programming, software layout and laptop technology in addition to giving scholars a very good creation to the C++ language. within the re-creation, Astrachan has placed extra emphasis on object-oriented programming by means of introducing a photos library and together with a brand new bankruptcy on object-oriented suggestions. He has additionally extra new case stories and "design tips".

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C++ comments extend from a double slash, //, to the end of the line. Another style of commenting permits multiline comments—any text between /* and */ is treated as a comment. It’s important to remember that people read programs, so writing comments should be considered mandatory although programs will work without them. Zero, one, or more programmer-defined functions follow the #include statements and comments. cpp, has two programmer-defined functions, named Hello and main. cpp, has one programmerdefined function, named main.

1. Note that the output is a program! June 7, 1999 10:10 64 owltex Sheet number 55 Page number 64 magenta black Chapter 2 C++ Programs: Form and Function O UT P UT #include using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello world" << endl; return 0; } To display the character " you’ll need to use an escape sequence. An escape sequence is a backslash \ followed by one character. The two-character escape sequence represents a single character; the escape sequence \" is used to print one quotation mark.

2 this is the statement return 0 after the function call Hello(). When the last statement in a program has executed, control returns from main to the computer just as control returns from Hello to main when the last statement in Hello is executed. If the return 0 statement in main is missing, control will still return to the computer. 2, three statements are executed: 1. 2. 3. The call Hello(); in the function main. The statement cout << "Hello World" << endl; in Hello. The statement return 0; in main.

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