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By Sheldon Anderson

In a chilly warfare within the Soviet Bloc, Sheldon Anderson makes use of lately declassified records from Polish and East German communist celebration and international ministry information to check the interaction of nationwide pursuits with the exigencies of communist occasion relatives in the Soviet bloc throughout the chilly conflict. Anderson explores how Polish-East German family have been strained over the permanence of the Oder-Neisse border, the proper street to socialism, German repatriation from Poland, and alternate coverage; he offers an inside of account of the heated debates that heavily divided the Polish and East German communists.Anderson delves into how and why the rift culminated within the go back of the anti-Stalinist Wladyslaw Gomulka in October 1956, and he delineates how the Polish-East German clash undermined the harmony of the Soviet bloc on its so much strategic flank. In doing so, he unearths the patience of nationalism and ethnic prejudice within the former communist nations. during this well timed textual content, Anderson pinpoints how nationalism has reemerged as a strong political strength following the top of the chilly struggle. With a chilly warfare within the Soviet Bloc, Anderson markedly fills the space within the current scholarship on postwar relatives among the nations of East Europe.

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I1 (winter 2998)' p. 242. The disputed area of Teslin (Czieszen) Silesia was one of the main issues dividing the two countries until 1947, when Stalin brokmed a campromise, 34. CXos Lzadu, June 25,1946, g. 4; and GIos Ludu, August 26 1946, p. 4; see Hans Gectrg Lehmann, Der Oder-Meisse-Kotzflikt (The Oder-Neisse conflict) (Munich: C. H. Beck, 3979), p. 58. vernrnents were in reality rather ten= after the war, especially in April 1946 when the Czechoslovak govemmnt claim& small barder areas in Polish Silesia, The Pofish govei-nment responded by sending troops to the area, and the Czechclslovak govemmnt relented.

Cyrankiwicz praised the efforts of the SED leadership to combat social democratic, reformist, and other un-Marxist ideas h the pasty, and lauded the SEUs campaign to convince the masses of the need for good relations with Poiand. "% The Polish delegaticln atm to& home a favorable impression of the SED party cmgress in J a ~ u a r y1949. ybunn Lzrdrf reported that the audience's reaction was "especialfy warm" when Pieck stressed. 96 f'ieck led another SEC) delegation to Potand in September 4949.

In contrast to the purges in the Bulgarian, Hungarian, :Romanian, and Czechosiovak parties, however, the Polish communists did not execute their okvn.. Connugka, was arrested but never brought to trial. A few years later, Bicmt told Khmshchev, 'To tell yoll the truth, 1 myself d d t h a w what the charges are and why he" in j jai3,"E Bierut replaced Gomulka as party secretary, and Cyranftiewicz took over leadership of the PPS from Edvard OsBbka-Morawski, in part because Osribka-Morwski was opposed to the unification of the two parties.

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