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By Czeslaw Milosz

"A selection of three hundred poems from writers around the globe, chosen and edited by means of Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz   Czesław Miłosz's A ebook of Luminous Things—his own number of poems from the previous and present—is a testomony to the beautiful forms of human event, provided up in order that we may even see the myriad ways in which event might be shared in phrases and pictures. Miłosz offers a preface to every of those poems, divided into thematic (and usually beguiling) sections, similar to “Travel,” “History,” and “The mystery of a Thing,” that make the studying as tutorial because it is inspirational and remind us how powerfully poetry can contact our minds and hearts. "

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1, are repeated often by other poets also (words to a traveller by the wife whose husband is not at home). VALLANASENA (No. 1380) BASAVANA J Astrologer and author of the inscription of Krsna (Yadava) on 3 copper-plates, of which the origin is unknown. D. 1249/50), is written in prose with some invocatory and imprecatory verses, of which one invocatory verse is only worth noting. Middle of the 13th century. Author of the inscription described in A. See A. Only the first verse is worth noting. 68-75, SACA 885.

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