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By Vincent O'Sullivan; Aubrey Beardsley

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54 A BOOK OF BARGAINS. "Why, good God! Orange, you don't mean t o say you're out on a night like this! You must be much better-eh? " he broke off, for Orange had given him a gray look, with eyes in which there was no speculation; a nd the man hurried away scared and rather aghast. "These poet chaps are always queer fi shes," he muttered uneasily, as he turned into the Fifth Avenue H otel. Of the events of terror and horror which happened on that aweful night, when a human soul was paying the price of an astounding violation of the order of the universe, no man shall ever t ell.

Decided not to see her for a while. Indeed, it was not till an evening late in February, after dinner, that he took a cab to her house near \Vashington Square. H e found her at home, and had n ot waited a minute before she came in to the room. wonderfully She was a tall woman, and handsome by gaslight; but she had that tiresome habit, which many women have, of talking intensely-in italics, as it were : a habit found generally in women ill brought up-women without control of their feelings, or command of the expression of them.

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