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By Garry Trudeau

Created by means of the workforce that introduced you The whole some distance Side and The entire Calvin and Hobbes, the big anthology 40 marks Doonesbury's40th anniversary by means of analyzing extensive the characters that experience given the strip such power. This moment quantity of the four-volume booklet variation of 40 covers the years 1980 to 1989 for the distinguished comic strip strip.

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As Doonesbury opened wide and gained momentum, a supporting cast converged from all directions: Zonker, avatar of high hippie slackness; Joanie, accidental feminist; Ginny, post–civil rights era black striver; and Rev. Scot Sloan, social justice warrior. D. Mike Doonesbury Mark Slackmeyer Phil Slackmeyer Zonker Harris Barbara Ann Boopstein Nguyen Van Phred Bernie Rufus Jackson Rev. Scot Sloan Joanie Caucus Jim Andrews President King Roland Burton Hedley, Jr. In 1970, there were so many banners afield, so many movements afire.

He had come to Yale to be intellectually outfitted, and he emerged from seminar rooms grinning, his brainpan sizzling like a wok. College was exactly as anticipated, and he was acing it on schedule. So certain was he that life revealed its mysteries in predictable fashion, he once blocked out an entire semester’s social calendar in advance, preassigning various women he knew to big weekends, thereby delivering to his grateful roommates a full season of hilarity. Our scorn for his lack of spontaneity only strengthened his resolve.

25 years ago, George Corsillo was brought in to work on a Doonesbury desk diary. He has been my design guru and colormaster ever since. As I was originally a graphics guy myself, George’s work gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure. More than anyone else, he makes me look more talented than I am, for which I am usually privately grateful. 20 years ago, Mike Seeley joined me as office manager, and he has been keeping chaos at bay ever since. Like everyone else, Mike works with me part-time, but you’d never know it to see my studio.

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