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If I leave school this year, before completing the tenth, I will never be able to go back. ' Ravi could not bear the thought of going home now. How would he control himself when he saw his father's thin cheeks and heard that hacking cough and knew that he was going to die? He turned towards Deepak's house. It was he who had advised him to consult the astrologer. "He read my aunt's fortune so accurately, then my sister's—right down to the time of her marriage and the man she would marry. He will tell you whether or not you will pass.

I am coming with you, M a , " he said, as she packed her clothes and prepared to leave for the sanitorium. " "Your place is in the examination hall," replied Ma. " "But.. " the last few words Ravi uttered almost silently. Why did she not understand that? Short of telling his mother what the astrologer had said and making her lose hope as well, he had no argument to convince her to take him along. So he stayed back. Instead of discontinuing the tiffin service as Ma had wanted him to, he carried on with the aid of a friendly cook from Kohli Caterers.

But Romeo was in no mood to listen. I tugged, so did he. There was a ripping sound and my knee pocket was left between Romeo's teeth as I backed off. Five strides and I tumbled headlong into a steepsided gully. It must have been about fifty-feet deep but luckily, I got stuck on a bush about half way down. It took me some time to recover my senses. Then I looked up and there was Romeo, looking down, my pocket still dangling in his mouth. " I gasped, as the bush seemed to give way. " Romeo turned silently and disappeared.

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