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The 2008 ASHRAE guide - HVAC structures and gear discusses numerous structures and the gear (components or assemblies) that contain them, and describes good points and transformations. this data is helping approach designers and operators in deciding on and utilizing apparatus. it's divided into seven sections:

  • Air-Conditioning and Heating structures
  • Air-Handling apparatus and parts
  • Heating gear and parts
  • Cooling apparatus and elements
  • General elements
  • Packaged, Unitary and Split-System gear
  • General
    This identify has been lately up-to-date with 221 Digitized Graphs and a couple of Interactive Tables masking potency, radiation warmth flux, functionality, warmth loss and plenty of different precious subject matters.

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    Lobby ceilings with lay-in panels may not work well as return plenums where negative pressure from high-rise elevators or stack effects of high-rise buildings may occur. If the plenum leaks to the low-pressure area, the tiles may lift and drop out when the outside door is opened and closed. Return plenums directly below a roof deck have substantially greater return air temperature increases or decreases than a duct return. Corridors should not be used for return air because they spread smoke and other contaminants.

    Higher outside air quantities may be required to reduce odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and potentially dangerous pollutants. 1 provides information on ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality. , control or reduction of contaminants such as VOCs, formaldehyde from furnishings, and dust) must be reviewed by the engineer. Economizers An air-side economizer uses outside air to reduce refrigeration requirements. Whereas a logic circuit maintains a fixed minimum of ventilation outside air in all weather, the air-side economizer is an attractive option for reducing energy costs when weather conditions allow.

    Filter and coil selection at 300 to 400 fpm, with resultant lower pressure loss, could produce a substantial payback on constant-volume systems. Chapter 36 of the 2007 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications has further information on energy and life-cycle costs. 3 in. of water). It provides a positive return and exhaust from the conditioned area, particularly when mixing dampers allow cooling with outside air in intermediate seasons and winter. The return air fan ensures that the proper volume of air Air Handling and Distribution returns from the conditioned space.

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