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The program for broiler farm.
All the indicators of growing chickens from the moment of laying eggs to the amount of meat obtained.

  • Easy reporting and analytics
  • Forecast of key performance indicators
  • On-line monitoring of all digits of the enterprise from anywhere in the world
  • System notifications and reminders manufacturing processes
  • Corporate communication and tasking system

The program consists of two modules - hatchery and broiler workshop.
The incubator is going to shop all the information about the laid egg

  • Information on the parent stock
  • The shelf life of eggs
  • Veterinary treatment
  • Studies hatchers
  • Research on the unhatched eggs
  • Hatchability and average weight

The main block of the program is to "broiler plant". It gets information from the incubator of the incoming party and keeps detailed analytics about each day of poultry.

  • weight gain
  • Mortality
  • culling
  • Vaccinations
  • feed antibiotics
  • Conditions of detention
  • Consumption of food and water
  • And much more