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Air recuperators

FARM- AIR - an innovative product on the Russian and CIS markets, which will allow you to fully control the climate in your poultry house with minimal
using energy, but also to use a heat exchanger for disinfecting air inside the building, which is possible in the presence of the bird.

Reducing heating costs

efficiency ratio 80% heat

Up to 70% reduction in heating costs

Low power consumption

The ideal microclimate

  • Reliably provide a minimum ventilation
  • Automatic control system
  • Dry the litter
  • The ability to integrate into the existing ventilation system
  • A healthy and strong bird
  • A low level of CO2, ammonia, dust and moisture

Reliability in work and thoughtful functionality

Easy cleaning provides built-in, automated system for cleaning and disinfection

Easy to operate and maintain

FARM-AIR heat exchanger greatly reduces the cost of heating buildings for poultry. Where needed fresh air and a reduction in heating, -Air FARM expenses will be the best solution. FARM-AIR will provide your aviary warm fresh air under all weather conditions. It ensures ideal microclimate even in the harsh Russian winters. When using the FARM-AIR you get a dry and clean surface, low content of harmful gases inside the house, which is especially important in the early days of the bird life.

FARM-AIR Heat exchangers can function as a complex system of heating poultry houses with heating elements. FARM-AIR system is combined with the heating elements will allow to manage the complex climate and the temperature inside the house, regardless of weather conditions. When using the FARM-AIR c system with heating elements exclude the possibility of CO2 entering the poultry house. Buying a series of heat exchangers FARM-AIR, you significantly reduce your heating costs and increase the productivity of the birds ...